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Livio Scarpella

Attraction is first born at the moment someone laughs, or you get to know them and see them for who they are, it also arrives when we see the other person and their beauty is pleasing to you. Love is born the moment two people seek the best in one another, when it becomes a choice to further that person in the goals and journey of their life.

We can confuse attraction for love, because attraction can turn our heads and leave us thinking about that person, but love renews our hearts and changes our lives. There is a fine line between the two, it is up to us to discern what that line is and how far we are willing to see where it goes, for we will realize that attraction is shorter than we first thought and that we will find many more lines that we find attractive. Love forces us to choose to continue following its line, sometimes we grow tired and we see the other line, but we must remember that we have chosen the best line, the best journey, for true Love will always lead us to the cross and what Christ did; For He is the truest of all loves, and to follow Him, is to follow life to its completion.

T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via tblaberge)
You felt all the love in the world, and for that, you received all the pain that comes with it. Yet, you still loved, and for that you are seen as beautiful.
T.B. LaBerge // Unwritten Letters to You (via tblaberge)