These stunning aerial photos reveal patterns in seemingly mundane things.

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(Source: Wired)

I am porcelain, I am fragile and easy to break. I am not steady, or solid, I shake like a glass of water in the middle of an earthquake. Sensitivity is my soul, so when I hear the words “I love you” it resonates within my very bones. I am weak, I am frail, if you should leave this home, I will fail. Yet, I am hailed as Yours. Let me not think of my past, but let me gaze upon Your face, for it is beauty, splendor and majesty; it is home, the place I long to go. Lord, make known Your glory, for we are all in a hurry, bring forth Your peace, so that we may revel in Your love. I am small, but You are great, take it all, make it new. Take it all, make it Yours.
T.B. LaBerge // Thy Will Be Done (via tblaberge)


A lot of times I imagine God trying to get our attention with a startling beam of sunlight through a slit of glass in a dusty room while we’re rushing on to the next thing, because He wants us to slow down and savor the life we won’t ever get again. I think probably I’ve walked…